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Kate Russell
Qualifications: RGN RM DN
Speciality: Tracheostomy/Ventilation, Surgical Nursing & Extensive General Medicine, Spinal Injury, Psychotherapy, Palliative Care, Paediatrics, Elderly Patients, District & Community, Brain Injury, Amputations
Area: Whole of UK, Worldwide
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Maggie Sargent
Qualifications: RGN
Speciality: Spinal Injury, Paediatrics, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury
Area: Whole of UK, Worldwide
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Verity Boak
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
Speciality: Spinal Injury, Palliative Care, Paediatrics, Orthopaedic, Occupational Therapy, Brain Injury, Behavioural & Learning Difficulty, Amputations, Aids & Equipment
Area: South West, South East, Worldwide
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Nicholas Holland-Smith
Qualifications: PG Dip OT BSC (Hons)
Speciality: Spinal Injury, Respiratory diseases, Pain Management, Paediatrics, Orthopaedic, Occupational Therapy, Neurological diseases, Elderly Patients, District & Community, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injury, Bilingual, Behavioural & Learning Difficulty, Amputations
Area: West Midlands, South East, East of England, East Midlands, Worldwide
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