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Dawn Dickens

B (Ed) Hons

Lead Case Manager

Based in: close to Junction 11A for the M5 corridor North an
Clients: As far afield as Warwickshire, Dorset, South West and Wales.


  • Bachelor of Education 1st Class Honours.
  • Specialist Learning Coach.
  • BABICM Member.


Dawn has 15 years’ experience working with both adults and children with profound, complex and multiple needs across the acute rehabilitation and education sector. She has worked within the Local Authorities and Private Sector. She moved into independent case management in 2011 and has been a Lead Case Manager with Community Case Management Services since 2013.

Whilst working in the education sector Dawn took the lead in developing a vocational rehabilitation course enabling students to develop skills that promoted independence and decision making. She managed a large Multi-disciplinary team ensuring a strong cohesive approach to meeting needs and achieving targets was achieved.

Dawn has extensive experience working with clients and families with complex care, case management and therapy requirements and is able to provide comprehensive, skilled and experienced case management for the following client base:

  • Multiple Diagnoses
  • Profound and complex learning disabilities (Children and adults)
  • Acquired Brain injury, all severities (Children and adults)
  • Cerebral Palsy (Children and adults)
  • Spinal Injuries, all severities (Children and adults)
  • Complex medical needs, including tracheotomy (Adults)
  • Visual and hearing impairment (Children and adults)
  • Amputees

Dawn has extensive experience supporting clients and families work towards:

  • Vocational Opportunity
  • Development of Transitional Goals
  • EHCP Submissions and Appeals
  • Living independently within the community
  • Living within the community supported by a care regime that meets individual needs     

Dawn’s previous experience includes managing a large team in a specialist college where she had the responsibility to coordinate and provide individualised rehabilitation programmes for young adults with complex cognitive and physical disabilities. Programmes developed focused on transitional goals linked to life beyond college with emphasis on developing life skills to support independent living. This role required a high level of interpersonal skills, emphasising her ability to liaise with a range of professionals, parents, carers and external agencies.

Dawn’s client case load has included children and young adults with severe traumatic brain injury, spinal injury and Cerebral Palsy. When working with children, Dawn has supported families with their child’s EHCP submissions and appeals and secured appropriate schooling provision. Dawn’s work with young adults and their families has involved supporting the whole family to manage the catastrophic impact of the client’s injury. Work with these clients has often involved working with social care services and CCG’s, and working with clients to increase their opportunities to optimise independent living.

Dawn has worked with client’s with visual impairment, spinal injury, amputation, ventilated clients and adults with brain injury who need community-based rehabilitation programmes supporting them to live as independently as possible including vocational placement. She has also worked with older adults in the community who have required changes in their former occupations and life styles. Working with these clients, Dawn has implemented programmes to facilitate quality of life solutions.

When supporting clients and their families, Dawn believes in ensuring a cohesive multi-disciplinary approach when creating and implementing rehabilitation support programmes. To this end, she works closely with multi-disciplinary teams from initial assessment through goal setting, planning, implementing and constantly reviewing programmes in place.

Dawn’s case management experience has required:

  • Planning, co-ordinating and evaluating interventions for individuals with a complex range of disabilities with occupational health providers, solicitors and insurers.
  • Supporting families in crisis and conflict situations.
  • Undertaking rehabilitation assessments.
  • Reviewing medical and educational provision to provide reports for external services and agencies.
  • Managing the recruitment of therapy and support staff to carry out assessments and provide direct care for the client and family.
  • Developing and delivering the training of therapy and support staff to meet the needs of clients including goal setting and continual assessment for rehabilitation progress.
  • Setting up care packages post discharge from hospital.
  • Monitoring and supporting the transition from family home to a more independent life, including setting up complex 24-hour care packages.
  • Working with occupational health providers supporting adults with vocational placements.

Dawn manages budgets to ensure resources meet individual needs. Continual assessment of plans and progress ensures that client goals and aspirations are supported by correct intervention.


As a mother of three sons and three grandchildren, Dawn believes that family life is immensely important and she is committed to ensuring that clients and their families are appropriately supported. She believes that life is for living and strives to support clients to lead the life that they aspire to.