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Rachel Dodwell


Senior Case Manager

Based in: Lichfield, Staffordshire
Clients: The Midlands, East and West, Cheshire, Staffordshire Shropshire and Northern Regions.


  • University of Exeter Diploma in Occupational Therapy (1991).
  • Registered Occupational Therapist with Health and Social Care Professions Council.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Health and Social Care.
  • APPLE Accreditation - Fieldwork Educator.
  • BABICM Membership.


Rachel has 27 years of experience in practice as an Occupational Therapist having initially worked with adults and children with physical disabilities / physical health needs across both the acute, rehabilitation and community sectors within the NHS.

Rachel moved into independent practice in 2013 and followed the Community Case Management Services Pathway for the development of case managers. She now case manages a number of clients, both adult and paediatric. She has an understanding of the litigation needs in relation to both personal injury and medical negligence claims as well as wrongful births.

Rachel is able to provide case management for the following clients:

  • Spinal injuries all levels (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Traumatic Brain injury (Paediatric Young Adults and Adults) to include Walking Wounded / High Level Physical Functional Difficulties /Cognitive difficulties.
  • Cerebral Palsy (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Stroke.
  • Progressive Neurological Diseases.
  • Respiratory diseases / Mesothelioma / COAD / Pulmonary Embolism /Carcinoma.
  • Palliative Care. 
  • Learning disabilities (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Elderly care.
  • Orthopaedic Injuries (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Amputees (Paediatric and Adult).

Additionally she regularly undertakes:

  • Cognitive Assessments and provides Rehabilitation Support Programmes.
  • 24 hour posture and Joint Protection Management Assessments.
  • Moving and Handling Assessments.
  • Relaxation, Anxiety and Fatigue Management.
  • Management of Adaptations and Fixed / Specialist Equipment Provision.

Rachel's clinical expertise is working with adults and children with a neurological condition but she does have the skills to work with individuals with other physical or psychological needs. Rachel has also worked as a Neuro Occupational Therapist with adults with acquired neurological conditions from acute stages through inpatient rehabilitation and into the community. This includes working with individuals who have suffered a stroke, brain injury and have progressive neurological conditions.

Rachel's particular area of interest is in cognitive assessment and rehabilitation for which she has completed a number of post graduate courses and supported colleagues in this area of practice, in particular, the mobile individual with cognitive and psychological impairment.

In recent years Rachel has worked with a mixed caseload in a community setting from palliative care through to enabling clients with long term conditions to optimise their function and improve their quality of life. Rachel has skills in the assessment of seating and 24-hour posture management for clients with highly complex physical needs, moving and handling and has knowledge of a wide range of adaptive equipment and community resources. She is able to deliver interventions to enable individuals to manage the symptoms of their condition including relaxation, anxiety management, fatigue management and joint protection.

Rachel is passionate about working with clients to explore their goals across the spectrum of functioning and can utilise a range of skills to address these be it activities of daily living, work or leisure activities. She will undertake the necessary risk assessments of doing such activities and document clear care plans for the implementation of these programmes. Rachel is able to communicate across all levels and develop support teams to implement the rehabilitation goals.

Rachel has experience of teaching and supporting others to learn and implement therapeutic programmes. In recent years she has developed skills normally undertaken by the local authority Occupational Therapists including minor adaptations and fixed / specialist equipment provision. This includes access ramping and bathroom adaptations. Rachel is currently doing some ad hoc lecturing at Derby University at a pre-registration level to assistant practitioners on rehabilitation and disability.

At a management level, Rachel has led a team, provided support and supervision, managed attendance and a budget. This has included recruitment and selection, implementing policies and procedures and developing the service provided. She has also had experience of working in mental health of older people, musculo-skeletal conditions and hand therapy.

Rachel maintains her clinical skills and knowledge through a variety of CPD events including personal reading, bank work with the NHS, training and study days, peer supervision and reflection on her practice. She is a committed individual with excellent time management skills, always striving to do the best for her clients and ever mindful on the limitations that are required to work within.


Rachel is married with two children and values her family time and the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

She recognises the unique contribution that we all bring and the importance of the values that we live by and so she strives to implement these values fully in her clinical practice.