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Cécile Wilson

Diplome d' État en Ergothérapie

Case Manager and Treating Occupational Therapis
Based in: Maidenhead, Berkshire
Clients: In and around London, Home Counties and South East and France


  • Institut de Formation en Ergothérapie de Montpellier (France)
  • Diplome d' État en Ergothérapie (Diploma in Occupational Therapy) 2002
  • Registered Occupational Therapist with Health and Social Care Professions Council
  • Member of the British Association of Occupational Therapy (BOAT)


Cécile has nearly 14 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist.

  • Spinal injuries all levels. (Adult)
  • Traumatic Brain injury (Young Adults and Adults) to include Walking Wounded / High Level Physical Functional Difficulties /Cognitive difficulties.
  • Cerebral Palsy. (Paediatric)
  • Stroke.
  • Progressive Neurological Diseases.
  • Learning disabilities. (Paediatric)
  • Orthopaedic Injuries. (Adult)
  • Amputees. (Adult)

Additionally, Cécile regularly undertakes:

  • Vehicle adaptation advice and guidance.
  • Technical device support and assessment /oversees installation of environment control systems.
  • House adaptation project.

Posture assessments. Cécile is French and her first professional experience was with a French charity Lyon (France), where she worked for three and a half years as a Community Occupational Therapist for adults and children with long term physical disabilities and often associated cognitive impairments.

Her main activities were to provide advice and follow-up in the choice of technical devices and individual house adaptation projects as well as the installation environmental control systems. Cécile also made recommendations to service users in the choice of car adaptations, electric and manual wheelchairs but also assistive technology.

This experience motivated her to specialise in rehabilitation, especially neurological, and she did so from 2006. She worked in different rehabilitation units in Paris (France) which included adult in-patient services (all kinds of neurological injuries/illnesses as well as spinal cord injuries, amputees and orthopaedic injuries) and community paediatric rehabilitation for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities.

Since arriving in the UK in 2009, Cécile has developed a global vision of the type of care services available in the United Kingdom. She has worked in acute settings, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation facilities as well as in a community team, in NHS wards and private hospitals for adult patients. This has given her a good understanding of the patient's care needs from an acute stage to their discharge home, as well as their integration back into a residential setting and resettlement back into their daily life.

Over the years, Cécile has developed a substantial knowledge in neurological conditions (brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, as well as neurological illnesses such as Guillain Barre, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) and her experience in rehabilitation units has allowed her to expand her knowledge in physical and cognitive impairments as well as how to address them in order to optimise the client's recovery and independence. She also had the opportunity to work with amputee patients and patients with musculo-skeletal injuries.

Cécile has a good understanding of the role of each discipline involved in the rehabilitation process: working in rehabilitation has allowed her to work closely with a range of specialists from other disciplines; neuropsychologists, physiotherapists and speech therapists; and also with nurses, RMs and neurologist consultants. This has enabled her to fully understand what each speciality brings to a patient in their rehabilitation journey.

Cécile has developed good networks within the community supporting clients after their discharge home. Cécile has developed good co-ordination skills; being closely involved in the client's discharge planning, requiring her to liaise closely with all the disciplines involved in the client's care as well as with all the services that will take over the client's care in order to successfully and efficiently organise their discharge.

Cécile is the allocated key worker for a number of clients. Her role was to guide the patient and their family through the process from admission until discharge, to arrange multi-disciplinary goal setting sessions, family meetings and case conferences as well as to update relevant parties about the client's progress and to co-ordinate their discharge into the community.

Cécile's work within a private rehabilitation unit gave her the opportunity to lead a team of up to six differing therapists with different levels of experience, professional and interpersonal skills. As it was a newly opened rehabilitation facility, she had to create tools to manage the weekly team organisation (client allocation, weekly timetables, staff availability, etc.), assessment and handover forms, as well as the provision of resources (especially equipment) to enable the multi disciplinary team to deliver a good quality of service. Besides this, she also got involved in head of departments meetings to choose multi-disciplinary outcome measures as well as to create processes in order to enable a consistent rehabilitation approach for each client.

Overall, Cécile's clinical expertise is mainly working with adults and paediatrics with neurological conditions but her experience also allows her to adapt her methods to work with individuals with other physical impairments.


Cécile is fluent in French (mother tongue), Spanish (she lived in Madrid from the age of 11 for six years) and English. She has a basic Italian level as well as a very basic level of Arabic for rehabilitation sessions only.

Cécile is married and has two young children. She strives to balance a happy, fulfilling family life with an accomplished, passionate professional life.