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Beverley Newman-Rommens

MSc Econ

Assistant Case Manager

Based in: South West
Clients: South Wales, South of England and France


  • Certificate in Positive Psychology – University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill Campus).
  • Certificate Introduction to Psychology – University of Toronto.
  • Certificate in Neurobiology of Everyday Life – University of Chicago.
  • Certificate in Youth Work – Mid Glamorgan Education Committee.
  • Youth Trainer’s Award – City and Guilds Institute.
  • Bachelor in Economic and Social Studies 2:1 Sociology – University College Cardiff
  • Master of Economic and Social Studies Sociology – University College Cardiff.

Beverley is currently studying physiology and resilience in trauma, MBCT and negotiation skills.


  • Spinal injuries all levels (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Traumatic Brain injury (Paediatric and Adult) to include Walking Wounded / High Level Physical Functional Difficulties /Cognitive difficulties /Vegetative state / Minimal Awareness.
  • Cerebral Palsy (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Learning disabilities (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Orthopaedic Injuries (Paediatric and Adult).
  • Amputees (Paediatric and Adult).

Beverley has spent many years in a training and youth work setting and worked in residential children’s units in a social work role. Prior to undertaking her undergraduate studies, she worked as a nursing auxiliary in psychiatric units and with older people with psychiatric difficulties (including those who had suffered traumatising life events such as concentration camp survivors).

Beverley is bilingual and works with clients in France as well as the UK. She assists Senior Lead Case Managers involved in cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury such as “walking wounded” with behavioural aspects and executive function difficulties.

In her family life, Beverley’s husband is a foster carer and she assists in caring for the children age 7-12 with learning difficulties who live with them.

In the past, Beverley was an active volunteer with the National Gateway Clubs and has continued to support work with learning disabilities. She has a special interest in high functioning autism having personal experience in her family. When working in the youth and community work field Beverley was involved with Rhondda Community Arts and their integration programme for people with physical disability and / or learning disability over a number of years.

Beverley is currently advancing on the CCM comprehensive case management pathway and is particularly interested in the litigation process as well as putting systems in place to facilitate people’s daily lives.


Beverley is an empathic and listening person. She has great enthusiasm for her work as an assistant case manager seeing it as giving her an additional purpose in life now her family is grown up.

Beverley enjoys vegetable gardening and is involved with a local allotment society. Another passion is animals and she enjoys spending time with her dog and is an enthusiastic back-yard hen keeper. She also loves spending time in the countryside.

To relax Beverley practices regular yoga and mindfulness meditation. When she cannot be outside, she also relaxes by baking, sewing, playing traditional Irish fiddle and reading.