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Susannah Leonard

Senior Assistant Case Manager

Based in: Surrey
Clients: London areas and South East Region


  • BABICM Practitioner Member
  • Certificate of Counselling and Psychology


Having previously worked for The Silverlining, a charity that supports the brain injured and their families, Susannah has never looked back. A varied role that consisted of administration and the promotion of the charity, fundraising and organising events right through to implementing the set-up of new Regional Chapters.

Susannah has supported and managed several clients, both adult and paediatric, who have suffered injuries arising from medical negligence, physical and psychological trauma including brain injuries. She has built up considerable expertise in case management with families who have children with disabilities, e.g. Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and young adults.

Susannah manages clients with:

  • Spinal Injuries all levels. (Paediatric and Adult)
  • Traumatic Brain injury (Paediatric and Adult) to include Walking Wounded / High Level Physical Functional Difficulties / Cognitive Difficulties / Vegetative State / Minimal Awareness.
  • Vocational placements.
  • Cerebral Palsy. (Paediatric and Adult)
  • Respiratory Diseases / Mesothelioma / COAD / Pulmonary Embolism / Carcinoma.
  • Behavioural and Learning Disabilities. (Paediatric and Adult)
  • Elderly Care to include Dementia.
  • Palliative Care.
  • Orthopaedic Injuries. (Paediatric and Adult)
  • Complex Compartmental Syndrome.
  • Amputees. (Paediatric and Adult)

Susannah has experience of proactive working with therapists and other clinicians to support her clients to achieve their rehabilitation goals and progress developmentally as far as they are able. She is mindful also of the need to create opportunities for rehabilitation and personal growth that are enjoyable as well as age and developmentally appropriate to the client. With children, play is a central feature of this.

Susannah is a strong communicator with exceptional people-focused skills allowing her to manage all unexpected challenges as they arise, working alongside the client and their family for the duration of their rehabilitation followed by maintenance of the achievements thereafter. She is respectful of the nature of the therapeutic side of brain injury and is currently studying to become a formally qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Having spent her working life in people focused roles, Susannah feels privileged to be working with personal injury clients, their solicitors, deputies and all those who support the clients in a medical and rehabilitation capacity.

Susannah has gained an astute understanding of financial budgeting and planning through her years of working within the banking sector. She has also got considerable experience in the recruitment and development of support teams and related employment issues.


Susannah has three older children and she lives in Camberley, Surrey with her partner. She has a passion for nature, the great outdoors, loves walking her dog, enjoys cooking for friends and family, seeing live bands and visiting the theatre. She is also a volunteer for The Silverlining Surrey group.